Our Firm

AltQuest is a Hong Kong based consulting and regtech firm focused on providing the following 3 main areas of services to financial services firms: –

1 – regulatory compliance advisory services. AltQuest has developed its own, proprietary, innovative and pioneering compliance / regulatory robo advisor, known as ComBot. ComBot can take you through specific rule based scenarios through an interactive slide show. Each slide show is an analytical tool designed to answer a particular question. Throughout each slide show you will find answers, suggestions and solutions which are provided depending on your particular set of scenarios and circumstances, which you tell ComBot by responding to the questions raised throughout the slide show. For example, ComBot can analyse whether you need an SFC license and what type of license you need, by going through a slide show that is designed for this purpose. ComBot continues to acquire more knowledge at a rapid pace and will expand on the areas in which it can provide you with its own analytics. Please contact us to find out more about ComBot

2 – compliance and legal documentation production through AltQuest AutoDocs, our proprietary document production system

3 – online regulatory and compliance training through AltQuest Academy

Our highly professional and multi-lingual team is experienced in dealing with the main financial service industry regulators in Hong Kong and we ensure that our clients are kept at the forefront of regulatory and policy changes.

Our sector focus:

1. Asset Managers / Fund Managers
2. Broker Dealers and Securities Firms
3. Financial Advisors / Corporate Finance Advisory Firms
4. Wealth Managers
5. Fintech Operators
6. Insurance Intermediaries
7. Money Lenders