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AltQuest AutoDocs is a proprietary document production process and system which can produce a range of documents, particularly for SFC licensed corporations. The process begins with the user completing an online smart form questionnaire for the document requested (please click below to register and access the list of documents/questionnaires available). These smart form questionnaires are highly sophisticated questionnaires designed to gather all the information upfront from the user that is relevant and necessary for AltQuest AutoDocs to produce customised documents. This will reduce the number of drafts required to produce a document and hence saves time for the user. For SFC compliance documents, only 1 draft is required to produce a document that is sufficiently customised for the licensed corporation. 

Based on the user’s answers to the questionnaire submitted online, AltQuest AutoDocs then generates the appropriate text in the document (be it single word or clauses) through a combination of automated and manual process by our experienced team, depending on the document and the nature of the text to be inserted in the document. 

We believe that the use of online smart form questionnaires to collect relevant information from our clients, then using a combination of automated and manual process to produce documents based on the answers, achieves the best outcome for our clients by improving the efficiency of the document production process, which leads to reduced cost of producing documents, whilst ensuring a high degree of customisation and quality of the documents produced. 

AltQuest AutoDocs continues to push for greater use of technology to strive for higher degree of automation in its document production process in order to keep reducing cost, particularly in an environment where financial services firms are confronted with increasing regulatory obligations. 

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